Model WOPF-448 notched rail, tractor loader mount pallet fork assembly. Mounts on loaders with center to center distance on loader arms 50" or less; requires optional loader brackets.
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WOPF-448 Notched Rail Pallet Fork Assembly

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  • Item #: WOPF-448
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Please note before purchasing, check the roll back on your loader: 

1.  Remove your bucket 

2.  If you have a skid steer quick attach mounting plate on the loader arms, tilt the plate until it is in a vertical position; now tilt the plate back as far as possible.  This is the amount of roll back you will have, as the mounting plates welded to the back of our pallet forks are mostly in a vertical position. 

3.  If your loader arms attach directly to the bucket or pallet fork, do the same test.  Tilt the connection points on each arm until they are level, and then tilt them back all the way, this again will be the total roll back you have when connecting to the pallet forks.  

4.  If you do not have any additional roll back past vertical, then when connecting to most of the pallet forks we currently have available, you may only be able to tilt the forks into a horizontal (level position) and not tilted so the forks point up.

Model WOPF-448 notched rail pallet fork assembly for loaders arms 50 inches or less center to center.  This assembly requires use of optional mounting brackets.  In addition to this fork assembly, you will also need to order our part number 811220 generic mounting bracket.  Provide us with the model of loader and you will receive the exact mounting bracket for your application.  See the accessories index above for this item.

Model WOPF-448:Notched rail style front tractor loader pallet fork assembly with frame, pallet forks slide along notched rail to adjust fork width, designed for mounting on tractor loaders with center to center between loader arms 50 inches maximum, optional interfacing brackets will be required, brackets are listed at bottom of page and are available for most quick attach systems, and standard pin-on brackets are also listed below for buckets that pin onto the loader arms, wt. is 438 lbs., ships by truck.

Price listed includes shipping to locations with normal delivery access in the U.S. 48 states; locations in Alaska, Hawaii, and outside the U.S. require additional shipping cost.  E-mail us for a shipping quote if needed.