Model MKTTA-TC72HD 72 inch mowing head mounted on articulating arm for mowing ditches
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MKTTA-TC72HD Articulating Arm, Offset Brush Mower 72" Deck

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  • Item #: MKTTA-TC72HD
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Offset Mounted Brush Mowers

The MK series offset tractor mounted brush mowers are pto powered 5 ft. and 6 ft. mowers mounted on an articulated arm to give you extended reach. The pendular mounting of the mower deck enables the cutter deck to follow the contour of the ditch when the control cylinder is in the float position. The arm offsets the mower deck 84 inches to the right to let you mow in ditches and closer to water using your tractor and the brush mowing deck which allows you to mow heavy weeds and brush fast and efficiently.

•Choice of 5 or 6 ft. rotary cutters mounted on an 84 inch offset arm that mounts to your tractor's category 1 or 2 three point hitch

•Cutting decks use swinging type brush blades for cutting heavy weeds and light brush, blades swing back when hitting heavy obstacles to protect blades, mower spindle, and pto shaft.

•Units are sold complete with offset arm and mowing deck only

•Mowers are powered by your tractor's 540 rpm pto shaft

•Lift arm is articulated using two hydraulic cylinders, you need two remote hydraulic outlets (or minimum one using a diverter/selector valve) to plug in 4 hydraulic hoses. Large cylinder closest to tractor lifts mower off the ground and/or into transport position, the smaller cylinder closest to mowing head rotates the mower deck down to horizontal position or turned out up to 90 degrees so you can cut in the vertical positon.

•When the small cylinder rotates the mower deck into the normal flat mowing position (the small cylinder fully extended), the pendular mounting of mower on end of offset arm allows the cutter to follow the contour of the ditch at up to a 55 degree angle. When the small mower deck cylinder is fully retracted, this rotates the cutting deck facing out and vertical so you can drive along side growth and mow in the vertical position.

•Unit has a pilot operated check valve to prevent drift in working position

•A minimum 60 hp tractor is required to operate unit with the 60 inch wide cutting head, and a 80 hp minimum tractor is required to operate the unit with the 6 ft. wide cutting head

• For 5' & 6' Width Cutters Only
  • Pendular mounting enables the cutter to follow contour of the ditch when control cylinder is in the float position
  • Capacity: Max. 800 lbs.
  • Offsets Machine: 84" (Center PTO to Center PTO)
  • Tractor Size Requirement 5' cutter: Min 60 hp
  • Tractor Size Requirement 6' cutter: Min 80 hp
  • Cuts @ 55 Degrees with cylinder extended
  • Cuts @ 90 Degrees with cylinder retracted
  • Requires 2 remote outlets
  • Cat. 1 or 2 on Tractor End
  • Cat. 1 Only on Mower End
  • Pilot operated check valve to prevent drift in working position
  • Counter Weight Bracket take up to 500 lbs. of suitcase weights

•Units are sold complete with offset arm and mowing deck only

Units are shipped on 2 pallets, shipping weight of arm is approximately 1000 lbs., shipping weight of mower deck is approximatetly 800 lbs.