WLBX102R Wood Chipper

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Model BX102R (formally model BX92R) Wood Chipper is a tractor mounted (Category 1 or 2 three point hitch), pto powered wood chipper that is available as either a standard type self-feeding model, or with hydraulic power feed.  This model BX102R has the hydraulic feed hopper.

The self-feeding model is less expensive; the blades are designed to draw material into the chamber. If you will be chipping larger limbs and want help pulling the limbs through, then the power feed option will reduce operator fatigue and increase production. The BX102R can be mounted on tractors from 65 to 150 hp (best results for maximum capacity 85 hp or more). Chip limbs as large as 10 inches in diameter, or a slab of wood as wide as 15 inches.

Three point hitch mounted (Category 1 or 2), pto powered heavy duty brush chipper, has shear bolt protection on drive line, has 10 inch limb capacity, and HYDRAULIC FEED hopper with flow control, wt. is 1375 lbs., requires tractors with 65 hp minimum and 150 hp maximum, works with tractors with pto speeds from 540 to 1000 rpm

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