Tire Changer Accessories

Part No. 100-14 standard all steel large mount/demount tire tool bar for the Wikco Tire Changers Part No. 100-14A Replacement Demount End For Wikco 100-14C motorcycle/custom wheel bar 100-14B Replacement Bolt (for 100-14 tire bar)
100-14 Large Steel End Mount/Demount Bar100-14A Replacement Demount End100-14B Replacement Bolt (for 100-14 tire bar)




Model 100-14C Large Custom Wheel Bar/Motorcycle Bar Part No. 100-14C1 replacement mount end (hooked end) for the Wikco 100-14C mount/demount bar Model 101 Wikco Tire Spreader Attachment, Models MC110.100, Self-Change 100, 100.103, and 160
100-14C Custom Wheel Bar100-14C1 Replacement Mount End101 Tire Spreader For Wikco Tire Changers




Part No. 103-4 Standard Steel End Mount/Demount Tire Tool Bar Model 103-4C1 small custom mount/demount bar Part No. 106259, (reference no. 35) is the lubricant bottle for the Coats 220 tire changer, lube bottle only, see drop down menu if brush is needed
103-4 Mount/Demount Bar103-4C1 Small Custom Wheel Bar106259 Lubricant Bottle For Coats 220




Part No. 107034 Table Top Part No. 107049 (8107049) Short Auto Clamp For Non Adjustable (slotted) Vise Arms Coats 220 Tire Changer Exploded view drawing for Coats 220 motorcycle tire changer, including part number 107064 Locking Knob
107034 Table Top Coats 200 220 Tire Changers107049 Short Auto Clamp Coats 220107064 Locking Knob For Coats 220 Tire Changer




Part No. 107158 Tall Motorcycle Clamp For Slotted Vise Arm On Coats 220 Motorcycle Tire Changer Part No. 107411, reference number 4, Bead loosener handle on model 220 tire changer Part No. 107416 replacement bead breaker shoe for the Coats model 220 motorcycle tire changer.
107158 Motorcycle Clamp Coats 220 Slotted Arm107411 Bead Loosener Handle For Coats 220107416 Replacement Bead Breaker Shoe Model 220




Part No. 107417 Bead Breaker Handle Tube Part No. 107423 Package Of 12 Pieces Combo Tool Protectors (6 pieces of each). Part 107424 (8107424) Set Of 36 Clamp Pads For Coats 220 Motorcycle Tire Changer
107417 Bead Breaker Handle Tube107423 Combo Tool Protector Set107424 Clamp Pads, Set Of 36 Pieces




Part No. 107158 Tall Motorcycle Clamp For Adjustable Carrier On Coats 220 Tire Changer Part No. 107562 (8107562) Replacement Automotive (short) Clamp For Adjustable Carrier (threaded rod) For Coats 220 Part No. 109ATV Motorcycle Bead Breaker Shoe With Chain And Handle
107559 Tall Motorcycle Clamp Coats 220 Adjustable107562 Short Clamp Auto Coats 220 Screw Clamp109ATV Bead Breaker Shoe With Handle




Part No. 109ATV-CH Chain And Handle Kit For Breaking The Bead On ATV Tires Part No. 110.CS set of metal clamp sliders/holders with replacable nylon clamp pads Part No. 12-095 Rubber Lubricant 8 lb. Tub
109ATV-CH ATV Beadbreaker Handle Kit110.CS New Style Replacement Carrier And Clamp Pad Set12-095 Rubber Lubricant




Part No. 8107156 Replacement Combo Tool Tire Bar For Coats 220 Manual Motorcycle Tire Changer Part No. 8183248 Clamp Pad Part No. 8183374 Package of 12 motorcycle duckhead bootie covers for use on mount/demount head of RC-100 tire changer
8107156 Combo Tool Tire Mount Bar8183248 Clamp Pad8183374 Duckhead Bootie Covers




Part No. 8183491 Bump And Roll Attachment For Coats Brand 50, 60, and 70 series tire changers Part No. 8183585 ATV clamp kit, includes 4 ATV adapter clams, mounts on the RC-100 8183606 Bead Loosener Shoe Sock Pkg. Of 2
8183491 Bump-N-Roll Kit 8183585 Eight Jaw ATV Adapter Clamp Set For RC-1008183606 Bead Loosener Shoe Sock Pkg. Of 2




Part No. 8184926 Extended Clamps Allows Changing tires on rims from 12 to 16 inches wide. MC110-100 Motorcycle Vise Attachment With Mount/Demount Bar with nylon protective ends MC110-160 Motorcycle Vise Attachment For Self-Change 160 Tire Changer
8184926 Extended Clamps For RC200 / X Series Coats Tire ChangersMC110-100 Motorcycle Vise AccessoryMC110-160 Motorcycle Vise Accessory




Part No. 110.HA Receiver Hitch Arm Attachment Part No. MC110SSS C-Shaped Arm Attachment For Wikco Tire Changers Spare tire and carrier bracket for Timeout And Easy Camper trailers. Includes bracket shown and spare tire mounted on standard white 8 inch rim.
MC110.HA Receiver Hitch AttachmentMC110SSS C-Shaped Arm Center PostSpare Tire And Carrier




STC103 Small Wheel Attachment Part No. TC435685 Bead Depressor Drop Center Tool
STC103 Small Wheel AttachmentTC435685 Bead Depressor Drop Center Tool