Model ETG-6 Skid Steer Loader Mounted Low Profile Brush Grapple 72 Inches Wide.
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ETG-6 Skid Steer Loader Mounted Brush Grapple 72"

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Model ETG-6 skid steer loader mounted low profile brush grapple 72 inches wide.  Mounts on skid loaders with universal quick attach mounting.  Requires 1 auxillary outlet (plug in 2 hoses). 

The ETG Series Skid Steer Or Tractor Loader Tine Grapple is a brush grapple that will mount on skid loaders or tractor loaders that have the universal skid steer quick attach mount on the bucket. This grapple is designed for 30 to 80 hp skid or tractor loaders.

Two models are available: model ETG-5 has a width of 61.5 inches (see our index for this model), and model ETG-6 has a width of 71.75 inches; both models have a depth (tine length from back of 35.5 inches so you can scoup up and carry large piles of brush, logs, and other debris. The 10 inches of space between each tine allows you to get up under debris piles and leave any dirt behind.

Designed for 30-80 horsepower front loader or skid steer loader utilizing the universal skid steer attaching system

Ideal for raking, piling, and loading brush and other hard to handle materials while leaving the dirt behind due to the widely spaced (10 inch) tines

Upper grapple provides secure clamping force to keep your load in place

Greasable pivot points on upper grapple for long service life

Low profile design offers great forward visibility for superior control in close quarters and easy access to skid steer seat

Shield plate on upper grapple provides protection for hydraulic cylinder

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