30Qi22E Tow Behind Chipper/Shredder

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The Wood-Pro AVP is the only ONE hopper debris handler for everything from leaves & weeds to brush & limbs up to 6 inches in diameter...even stringy vegetation such as palm fronds can be processed with ease.

A Single Feed Hopper For All Kinds Of Vegetation: The AVP's patented processor handles all types of vegetation from leaves, clippings, weeds, and stalks, to 6" diameter branches that require minimal lateral trimming. Entire shrubs and small Christmas Trees are reduced to mulch in a matter of seconds.

The Non-Clogging, Fast Feeding large 30" diameter processor chamber with no sizing rods or screens to block vegetation, discharges processed debris as fast as new material enters the feed hopper. In the AVP, vegetation is reduced to mulch in ONE cycle; there is no slowdown or engine stalling caused by blocked screens or rods; additionally, since the AVP has no feed rollers that slow down the intake, the job gets done in much less time.

Minimal Trimmings Of Laterial Branches: The big hopper and especially the large throat easily accept limbs with lots of side branches and forks. With an AVP, there is no need to waste valuable time pruning side growth from limbs before chipping them.

No Confusion About Hoppers: Compared to twin hopper chipper/shredders, the AVP's single hopper feeding system takes all the guess work out of what size brush or what type vegetation goes into which hopper.

The AVP Is Engineered For Safety From The Start: A circle of safety around the feed hopper is designed to keep the operator at more than arm's length from the cutting mechanism at all times. With the doors of the hopper open, it is very difficult to reach into the hopper from the sides of the AVP.

A Safety Interlock Switch: Prevents starting of the engine when the processor housing is open. All belt shielding meets or exceeds ANSI safety standards, and all PTO models have SAFETY SHEARBOLT YOKES.

Original Split Housing Design: A split processor housing gives instant access to the blades, trident cutter, and flails for inspection of servicing.

The Wood Pro AVP has a dynamically balanced processor to help reduce vibration. Units have an idler clutch mechanism to engage the chipper disk/flail knives. 

Model 30Qi22E has a 22 hp, 624cc Kohler engine with electric and recoil start

Has 30 inch tripple action rotor, 4 - 7 inch chipper knives and 4 twin flails, and a triple fixed cutter

The unit has a 4 gallon stainless steel fuel tank with fuel gauge

Power is transmitted using a 4 groove Kevlar Power Band type belt

This unit has a manual clutch (engaged and released manually with hand lever), manual clutch gives you less maintenance and longer life

The unit has tail lights standard

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