009864 YB244 Tractor Mounted Sweeper 4 Ft. Wide

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Model 009864 YB244 tractor mounted pto powered sweeper with 4 ft. sweeping path.  Choice of either all poly brush, or 50/50 wire/poly combination, or all wire.  For sweeping on decorative paving stones or decorative brick you would want to specify an all poly brush.  For most applications on pavement or asphalt, you would want to specify a 50/50 brush.  In the rare case where you need maximum abrasion to clear off thick mud from a surface, you would specify a all wire brush. 

The Model YB24 York broom is a 3 point hitch mount, pto driven, rear mount broom for compact utility tractors from approximately 17-35 hp. (For larger tractors 35 hp and larger see our index for the YB32 model). The standard set up is powered by 540 rpm pto; if you want this unit to be hydraulic drive, specify at time of order - this is additional cost, see below. This is a high quality broom designed for use with compact utility tractors for use by contractors, landscapers, municipalities, institutions, farmers and many others. Contractors will use it for general clean up work, pavement contractors will use it before sealing or repaving, and landscape contractors will use it for final site clean up, snow removal, and dethatching.

  • Features/Specifications

  • Reversible Drive Standard: Model YB24 is equiped with a reversible drive gearbox as standard equipment. To reverse the direction of the rotation, simply flip the gear box over.

  • Angling Standard: A manual angle adjustment allows a maximum angle of 30 degrees left or right.

  • Storage Stands (Optional): To protect broom during maintenance and storage, the YB24 can be equipped with single point raise/lower stands on each side of the unit. This is a recommended minimum option.

  • Deflectors (Optional): There are two types of dirt deflectors available to protect the operator from dust and flying debris.

  • Specifications - York Broom Model YB24

  • Drive: Pto driven 540 rpm, reversible gearbox is standard

  • Frame: Standard category 1 or 2 three point hitch mount, fits small compact tractors all the way to larger utility tractors

  • Electrically welded steel

  • Angles manually left or right to a maximum of 30 degrees, can be converted to hydraulic operation using an 8" stroke cylinder, supplied by us or you can use your own if you have one

  • Storage/maintenance stands are optional

  • Flotation: Broom floats on adjustable spring chain assembly

  • Broom: 4 ft., 5 ft., or 6 ft. wide by 24 inches in diameter, you should order a broom at least wide enough to cover the outside to outside rear wheel width of your tractor

  • Minimum working width: 6 ft. - 65", 5 ft. - 55", 4 ft. - 45"

  • Number of brush sections: 6 ft. - 35, 5 ft. - 30, 4 ft. - 24"

  • Polypropylene convoluted brush sections are standard, crimped wire or a 50/50 combination can be supplied at no additional cost

  • Broom drum is mounted on pillow block bearings for easy maintenance and repair

  • Weight: 6 ft. - 561 lbs., 5 ft. - 513 lbs., 4 ft. - 465 lbs.

  • Note: Due to the weight of some compact utility tractors, front end counter weight may be required. Also, lift capacity at 24" behind the lift point should be checked for compatability.

  • Recommended for tractors from approximately 17 to 35 hp

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